Intersectional Teams

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2019 OVGA Intesectional Teams - Results

2019 OVGA Senior Intersectional Teams - Results



Over the last several years we have lost some of our better lady golfers to other clubs and other ladies decided their competitive urges have waned.  Nonetheless, our 2016 Intersectional Ladies’ Team soldiered on with a full compliment taking the tee at GreyHawk on July 17th.  Despite insurmountable odds there was no quit in our ladies, they did not throw in the towel.  In the end, the results dictate we move down a notch to Division D for 2017.

At this point I wish to give our ladies a loud resounding shout-out RAH, RAH, YEAH TEAM!!!!!!!! as might be heard in some parts, “youse done goods, congrats.”

Club Captain

Back Row Left to Right: Luis Ferreira, Jim Brown, Bob Austin, Marty Wells, George Acton, Ron Nezan

Front Row Left to Right: Tom Pulcine, Bill Lobban, Ross McEwan, David Green (Club Captain), Greg Nezan, Al Violini, Roy Prokopuk

Despite a valiant effort by the Men’s Team (four points fewer than the second place team) we will be moving down to Division G in 2017.  Bob Austin, having the highest differential in his pairings, proved to be a tough competitor by taking the maximum six points.  All members of The Team are to be congratulated for a job well done.

David Green
Club Captain